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Ingress 6 year coin set  (Int'l Shipping)

Ingress 6 year coin set (Int'l Shipping)

Each 1.5" Antique nickel coin will come encased in its own coin capsule. This Coin Bundle  cont..


Nya Kitty Coin (Int'l Shipping)

Nya Kitty Coin (Int'l Shipping)

Announcing the NYA kitty coin which is a parody & play on the NIA and NYA (ニャー) which is Japanes..


Ouroboros (Year 6) Coin  (Int'l Shipping)

Ouroboros (Year 6) Coin (Int'l Shipping)

This superbly designed coin will be 1.5" in diameter, with an antique nickel finish for a classic lo..


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