Terms & Conditions

Things You Should Know: 

These are group orders. This means the items listed have not been manufactured yet. Once an order has closed, then the manufacturer will be contacted, paid, and begin making the swag. Most items average 3-4 weeks in production and shipping to the Swag Orders distributors from the moment of payment to the manufacturer. Once the items are received, they have to be sorted, counted, and posted to the buyers. Depending on the size of the order, this can take a few weeks. Then, they all have to reach you. These orders are NOT quick. Please be prepared for around a 2 month turn around from time of payment. Sometimes, rush orders will be done. They won't stay open long, and tend to be orders going to anomalies. These orders will be noted in their item descriptions to give you an ETA. 

You are responsible for any customs fees and/or VAT that must be paid on your orders. This will be due at the time you pick your item up from the post office, and will vary by country you live in. The US has none on the small items we do, but the Philippines is a bit evil about it, so make sure you're aware of what you'll have to pay when the items arrive. Also, we will not lie about how much the items are worth to lower your VAT or customs fees. Doing so is illegal, and we couldn't pay the fines if we got caught.

If you are ordering an item that contains nicotine, it can only be sold to US residents who are 18 or older, and only shipped within the US. Even the 0 nicotine ejuice counts in this category. By ordering these items, you are legally avowing you are at least 18 years of age and a United States resident. You may be contacted and asked to supply proof of age.  

Return, Refund, and Cancellation Policy: 

The return policy may vary by item, and will be listed with the item if it differs from this: 

  • Returns may only be made for damaged, defective, or incorrect items. 
  • You may not return items for a refund if you just changed your mind, or you don't like the item. 
  • You may feel free to sell those items to someone else, but please be nice and don't do it for a huge markup. If we find you are regularly ordering and reselling, we will stop selling to you. 
  • You may not cancel an order after the close date listed on the item. Payment will not be refunded after that point. Some items may not be able to be cancelled. Please check the item description for that info. 
  • Sometimes, items get lost in the mail. It's horrible, and we hate it as much as you, but because these items come from group orders, they can't be remade. Your purchase price and postage will be refunded to you in this case. 
  • In some cases, a distributor may choose to override these policies, especially if they are short on patches. Feel free to ask.

One last thing: 
We're all people, and we have full time jobs. We are just trying to share the love and joy of swag with the world. Please be nice to us, and we'll be nice to you. :D If something goes wrong, or you need help, please contact us at info@swagorders.com, and we'll do our very best to make it right. If you do not have a reply in a reasonable amount of time, please find Ryanne Jones on Hangouts or Gene C on Telegram. Have your order # ready, and what items you ordered. It'll help a lot.


These orders take time. That's the downside of group orders to get low prices. Please be patient. 

If you are rude to one of the "staff" of the site, your order may be cancelled and your money refunded; at the least, you will be moved to the bottom of the shipping list. We cannot make an item show up to your door by magic right now. Cursing at people and generally behaving poorly will not make it happen any more quickly. 

We are saddened that statement had to be made, but a few people made it necessary. If you do not understand how a group order works, or you've forgotten the time frame, just ask.